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Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2011 16:55:33 -0700 (PDT)From: Tague Micheals Subject: Mysterious Dragon Boy-Dragon Collector IIIt's been 5 years since I worked on this, one of my favorites stories. Ihad gotten a great deal of fan mail about it at the time. I hope this newchapter helps keep the mystery going and of course I want to hear yourthoughts on it. N-joi.Hugs,Tag_m~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~Tobbi Speaks"They've done a lot of work out here in the past couple of years," Tobysaid to me, pointing to the low stone wall and walkways between the roadway and the beach. "Doesn't look quite so ghetto."We were driving out to Makaha to see the place where Toby had first met me,or should I say the other me, over a year before. My sister Theresa ran it,or should I say, the other Toby's twin sister Theresa who was over 50 yearsold. It was goddamn confusing to me. The concept wasn't as confusing astrying to explain it though. I thought that I pretty much got it, asstrange and bizarre as it was.Toby and I had been together for a month. Oh man I loved saying that. Beingtogether. He had explained it all to me; how he'd gone out there and firstmet me then went back out a week later and fucked me, a notion that hadthrilled me to no end even after he did fuck the present me, then goingback out a few weeks after that to discover that I, or should I say theother I, was no longer there.I had wanted to go out to Makaha that first weekend to see the place formyself but Toby wasn't sure it was a good idea. "She's gonna recognize youTobbi," he'd said to me. "It could cause her to have a heart attack, thenwhat? If she doesn't have a heart attack she's going to get all hystericaland probably gonna want to see you all the time. I know her Tobbi andbelieve me, it's gonna make your life miserable."I understood where Toby was coming from, I understood that some dangercould come of it, but it was like a pressing need for me that I couldn'texplain. It was just like the feeling that I had gotten the first time thatI'd seen him in my booth at the swap meet. It was something that "I justknew"."Maybe we could just go out there and I could not go in the shop. Maybe Icould be down stairs in one of the other booths while you go see her orsomething." Toby still wasn't sold on it until I told him that I just feltlike I had to do it. Then he understood and agreed to take me there, eventhough it made him nervous as all hell. It had taken a month of Tobythinking about it for him finally go out there with me.We parked in front of the building, in the same place that he had before,and got out. "So, you're going to hang out downstairs in the other boothsuntil I find out...I guess I don't exactly what I'm going to find out orsay," he finally said."I promise I won't go running up there unless you say it's okayToby. Honest," He nodded his head and we went inside the building. I stayedup front while Toby headed toward the back of the store. I watched him goup the stairs and just before he went through the door he sort of waved atme, then opened the door and went inside.I was kinda nervous about seeing this woman, didn't know what to expect. Ithought back to those first days when I met Toby a month before.We had stayed up late, hugging and kissing and sucking each other's cocks,and I ended up cumming 4 times. Preteen Nude I couldn't seem to get enough of Toby andit seemed like he felt the same way."Tobbi," he said after the 3rd sperming, "You are my Toby. I'm convinced ofthat.""How do you know," I asked him."There are a dozen little things that you do that are exactly like hismannerisms." I wanted to know what kind of things. "Well, He said, "the wayyou tilt your head ever so slightly when you're listening to me, the littlesounds you make when I'm sucking your cock, and your laugh is so much likeToby's that if I wasn't looking at you when Preteen Nude you did it I would believe itwas Toby." The big shock came later when we were kissing and Toby had hishand on the back of my head."Oh my god Tobbi," he exclaimed, pulling his hand back as if it had gottenburned. "The lump that you got when you fainted is still there." I put myhand back to feel and sure enough it was."But it doesn't hurt at all," I told him. Regardless, the discovery sort ofdampened our mood, but only for a minute or two.In any case, I had to get home early the next morning because it was Sundayand I needed to put up my booth at the swap meet. Believe me it wasdifficult to leave Toby's arms and his Preteen Nude bed but I kissed him goodbye and gotdressed while he lay in bed and watched me. It was kinda hot actually, Tobywatching me get dressed, and I felt myself start to get a boner."When will I be able to see you again Toby," I asked him as I stepped intomy board shorts."I was thinking about maybe coming out to the swap meet." I thought aboutthat for second. I wasn't sure how much I wanted him hanging out at mybooth because I hadn't really gotten a chance to tell Theresa much abouthim other than he was a man I'd dreamed a lot about. Toby noticed myhesitation and verified one of the things that I admired about him, hisability to intuit my thoughts."I promise, I won't hang out at your booth and pester you or raiseTheresa's suspicions." I let out a little sigh of relief then bent andkissed him, said see ya later, and headed out the door.I trotted home to find my uncle just pulling up in the truck. I decidedthat I didn't need to change clothes or take a shower before going towork. Toby and I had showered just before we went to sleep and the clothesthat I'd put on to visit him had been clean and fresh and lord knows Ihadn't worn them more than 30 minutes total the evening before.Theresa was coming out the Preteen Nude front door as I climbed into the truck and movedto the back the sit in the same chair that I'd jacked off in after meetingToby for the first time the day before. As we headed out to Aloha Stadium Ilet my brain play back the memories of the night before.Toby was a seriously hot looking dude. He worked out a lot and while hewasn't buffed up he still had really nice definition and was hard as arock. I shivered at the memory of Toby holding me, gently rubbing my backand down onto my butt. I felt safe and cared for in his arms, not that Iwas scared or not cared for but, you know what I mean. I felt Preteen Nude my dick startto get hard and since we were only a few minutes away from the stadium Ineeded to get my head somewhere else so started thinking about inventory,re-stocking, looking for new sources of product.Once we got set up and my uncle left Theresa started asking me questionsabout how my night went and of course wanted to know if I had "done it.""No," I said, "we hadn't but I sure did want to.""Aren't you scared Tobbi? I mean, having something shoved up your butt."She shivered at the thought. I shook my head."Not really. I mean, yeah, it's a little scary but my dreams were so clearabout it and how good it felt. I know it's gonna hurt at first but I knowthat'll go away. It'll be just like when your first time happens.""Yeah, well my body is built for it big brother." Since I was born 2minutes ahead of my twin, she called me that, sort of teasing me."So, what's he like," she asked, changing the topic. So I told her. Despitethe early hour, people started coming into the booth so we had to go towork. During the lulls Theresa went back to our conversation so by 11 thatmorning she knew as much about Toby as I did. Well, not quite as much. Shewas dying to meet him. It wasn't 10 minutes later that he wandered into mybooth.Theresa told me later that she recognized Toby from the day before andgreeted him warmly, asking him if she could help him find something. I wasbusy with another customer. He said he was just looking and of course mysmart mouth little sister asked;"Are you looking for anyone, oops, I mean anything in particular?" Tobygave her a blank look so Preteen Nude Theresa, never having been a shy violet said, "Hi,I'm Theresa, Tobbi's sister." I turned around to see Toby and my sistershaking hands and knew what had happened, that she had initiated anintroduction. I was pissed on the one hand but glad on the other. I lovedmy twin more that anyone else in the world and I also trusted her. Havingher meet and maybe even get to know Toby was important to me and now Ididn't have to figure out how I was going to make that happen.Toby SpeaksWhen Theresa approached me then introduced herself I thought I might shitmy pants. I was acutely aware that she knew exactly who I was and exactlywhat my presence in Preteen Nude her twin brother's life was about. That was veryunnerving for me although it shouldn't have been. The older Theresa, theoriginal Toby's twin, had readily accepted the fact that her brother and Ihad been in flagrante delicto, as it were. Of course in some respect I washaving sex with a boy who had supposedly died 40 years earlier, or possiblyeven myself, but I suppose the point is moot. My next thought was "how muchhad he told her about the night before"?The night before was still a little bit like a dream to me, much like thememories I'd retained from my time with the original Toby. I knew when I'dfirst seen this Toby at the swap meet that he was in some way the sameToby. Coincidence could only explain so much. When Toby had fallen and hithis head I was scared beyond belief but immediately relieved when I felthis pulse going strong. Getting him on the bed had been easy but gettingthe shirt off him had been as challenging as the need to remove it. I knewthe shirt had caused the boy to faint and getting him out of it seemed tome of paramount importance, just as Toby's needing to cum after waking hadbeen important to him.When I pulled his pants down and gazed on his throbbing hard cock I toofelt a little dizzy. My boy had grown considerably in what would have beenonly a few months difference in age. He was easily 7 plus inches now,probably almost full grown. His dark brown moss had grown some but wasstill nice neat patch of curls peeking out from around the base of hiscock. Below it all hung a set of smooth sperm makers. I grasped Preteen Nude onto histhickened cock and felt the firmness of him. I wanted to put my face inthere, draw in the heady fragrance that I knew I'd find, to wrap my lipsaround his pride and joy and give this Toby his first ever cock sucking.But it wasn't to be, at least not right then because Tobbi wanted to seeme.I stood and took my shirt off then pulled the drawstring at my waist andthe blousy cotton garment fell to the ground. I didn't have any underwearon so stood naked, half way hard and proud in front of the boy. Tobbi hadalmost sighed when he saw me then reached out and took hold of my cock, thefirst he'd ever touched. When he leaned forward and put his mouth over thehead of my dick I thought I was going to faint. Looking down on Preteen Nude him, hisred lips wrapped on my cock, his eyes closed as he sucked me created somevery powerful feelings for me.We took turns sucking each other for a minute before I sucked him off,swallowing every drop of his boy honey, then did myself, letting Tobbi takeover at the very end. We came 3 times before falling asleep in each othersarms. After the first sperming I told him about the first Toby and showedhim the stuff that I'd gotten. He in turn told me that he'd been dreamingabout me for over a year, had known that I was suppose to be his firstlove, maybe his only love.I didn't have to wonder if he was connected in one way or another to Toby;I pretty much knew it. His laughter, some of his mannerisms were so closeto Toby's that it was uncanny. I hadn't explored much more of his body butknew what I was going to. I wondered if he had the same pin point spot ofdarker brown skin pigment right next to his boy hole like Toby had. Iwondered too if the lump that he got when he fainted was going to bepermanent. And then there was the fact that he'd dreamed about me foralmost a year before we met; Preteen Nude me; not just some guy, but mepersonally. Overall I didn't think I needed to have any more proof that mytwo boys were either one in the same or so close to Preteen Nude being the same personthat any differences were moot.Theresa's talking to me brought me back to the present.",,,said he'd dreamed about you" I shook my head very slightly to clear it."Yeah that's what I understand. Weird huh?" She shrugged her shoulders."Not really, at least a Huna wouldn't think so." The way she said it, Iknew that the girl was testing me."There is that, I hadn't considered it," I responded, taking her bait."You know what Huna Kapua is?" She asked, not unkindly but with skepticism."I've read some of the writings of Serge Kalihi King," I responded. Theresasmile at me, unfazed that I'd caught her out."Don't let her tag you," Tobbi said as he approached us. "She likes to getpeople going. So, you've met.""I introduced myself brother," Theresa said to her twin, not the least bitrepentant or apologetic. She looked at her brother and said off handedly,"He's cute," and walked off to help another customer. Tobbi and I bothwatched her walk away and he shook his head in mock disbelief."So, what are you doing today," he asked me. I told him I was just hangingout, killing some time." We both seemed at a loss for words until Tobbisaid,"Can I see you tonight? My mom won't be back from Maui until after 8 andI'm not sure how Preteen Nude much we'll be able to hook up during the week cuz ofschool and everything.""Sure, I'd hoped to see you tonight," I told him which earned me asmile. In a much lower voice he said,"I want to kiss you so bad Toby." I smiled at him and whispered that I feltthe same way. "Wanna meet me later for a hot dog down the way?" He noddedhis head in the general direction of the stadium's snack bar. I did, wesettled on a time and I went on my way, albeit reluctantly, to kill sometime. Since I had a couple of hours I decided to run up to the outlet malland when I came back I found a rare empty parking stall close to where Iwas to meet Tobbi. As I approached Preteen Nude the snack bar I saw wonder boy comingfrom the opposite direction. My heart did a couple of flip flops becauseeverything about him screamed Toby and made me wonder all over again justhow in the fuck this was all happening.The only thing eventful thing about lunch was being with Toby and before itwas over I was aching to be with him, to hold him, to love him. Clearly hewas feeling the same way and in fact said so about half way through lunch."Gosh Toby I wish I didn't have to man the booth. I just wanna be with you,laying naked in your bed and have you hold me." I chuckled."Just hold you?" He paused for a moment, did a quick look around then said,"After I cum, yeah," he said in a conspiratorial whisper. Just before wegot back to his booth I asked him what time he might get to my place and hesaid around 5 adding that he needed to shower first. I told him not botherthat he could shower when he got there."Together," he asked with a leer."I was hoping," I said.And so it was that Toby knocked on my security door a little after 5pm. Ilet him in and as soon as I closed and locked the screen and turned aroundthe boy was in my arms, head raised, his lips headed for mine. Needless tosay I accommodated him and we engaged in a mouth open tongue battling liplock."Oh man I needed that Toby," he said as soon as he broke it off. I kissedhim again, a reenactment of a moment before. When I broke it off he said,"God you make me so hard Toby," his voice decidedly more husky.I let go of him and dropped to my knees and began undoing his board shortsand immediately felt the evidence of his arousal. "You're not wearingunderwear you Preteen Nude sexy boy," I said, able to tell without looking, although amoment later I tugged the garment down over his hips and freed up his hardyoung cock. I pulled it down and began licking it like a popsicle,exploring every facet of the swollen head. I licked up the precum that wasleaking out, savoring the taste of the nectar of his smooth young balls,balls that my other hand was busy squeezing and tugging on. After I feltI'd covered it all I opened wide and took him inside my mouth, swallowinghalf of him before backing off and doing it again."Ooohh fuck Toby," he moaned above me. Tobbi put his hands on the sides ofmy head and began to undulate his hips slowly. I drank in the heavyfragrance of him, the deep musky odor almost making me dizzy. With his cockstill in my mouth I shoved his board shorts to his ankles so that he couldstep out of them and move his feet wider apart. I could see him removinghis shirt even though my face was buried in his crotch."You better stop that Toby or I'm gonna flood your mouth with my sperm," hesaid in a whispery voice. I did as he asked, let go with my mouth andstopped up, my other hand still pressed into his groin, rubbing at theunderside of his cock while my fingers still played with his balls. Ourlips met again but this time it was more frenzied and while we stood therewith faces pressed against each other Tobbi's hands were busy at the tiesof my board shorts. As soon as he got them undone and untied he honored mein the same way that I had honored him, on his knees. He pressed his faceinto my crotch, his nose against my fuzz, his lips against the edges of myinner thigh and my balls."Fuck I love your smell Toby," he said as he pulled away. Tobbi knelt therewith his hand on my cock, mostly just looking at me. "I could look at yourbody all day long Toby." Then he leaned forward and began licking my balls,pushing the smooth shaved sac around with his tongue. My board shorts werealready on the floor so while he was paying homage to me I slipped my tanktop off just as he pulled my cock down and placed his mouth over theend. The warmth of him spread down the shaft and fanned out through therest of my body and once again, looking down on him, I felt my heartflutter. Even the way he went about Preteen Nude sucking my cock was like Toby, whichsounds crazy I suppose, but my Toby had sucked me plenty of times and theboy had a technique, or pattern that he followed, or whatever you want tocall. And now Tobbi was mimicking it. I didn't dwell on the similaritiesfor long as feelings of pleasure and lust were beginning to flow through mybody. It didn't last long however because like any newbie cocksucker Toby'smouth got sore.He took his mouth from my dick and began licking the head, the shaft, andthen down onto my balls before standing up and pressing his naked bodyagainst mine and kissing me again. I held him and rubbed him as we kissed;one hand down onto a glorious orb of his ass. We both moved our hipsslightly, grinding our cocks against each other's dick and against ourbellies. Tobbi's tongue probed into my mouth, seeking and finding my tonguein order to engage in the millennium old dance.When we broke the kiss I went for his neck where I nuzzled, nipped andsucked. I felt Tobbi's body shiver against mine as he moaned softly againstmy shoulder, the intense feelings ripping through his young andinexperienced body. "Fuck Toby I really need to cum bad."I moved away from him, bend over quickly and swept the boy up into myarms. He giggled as he threw his arms around my neck until I got him to mybedroom and gently lay him on the bed. He moved over so that I could joinhim, which I did, and we fell back into each others arms and went back tokissing. Tobbi was on his back and I propped above him so I had easy accessto his, and my, favorite body part. I rubbed his balls, squeezed his cockand began stroking it while our faces were pressed against eachother. Tobbi's hand sought me out so I adjusted my body enough for him tofondle and stroke me, which he did. It didn't take long for the boy to cum.Tobbi broke the kiss suddenly and I knew why. "Oohhh god I'm gonna cum TobyI'm gonna cum. And he did. The boy almost growled as his body stiffened,his cock thickened in my hand and he squirted. I felt his sperm splatteragainst my ribs just beneath my arm pit. I continued to jack him off, ourmouths met again as his body relaxed against the bed and another squirt hitmy ribs. Tobbi was gently moving his hips in the ages old manner, thrustingup into my hand, as I drained his tender young balls of their preciousnectar. As always, the fireworks were over in 25 seconds, or less, but Icontinued to stroke the boy, creating post sperming afterglow feelings. Ifinally let go allowing his cock to rest against his flat belly, the stillseeping head in a puddle of fresh squeezed sperm, Preteen Nude and simply looked down athis beautiful face.Tobbi finally opened his eyes and said thank you, followed closely by, "Iwant to do you now." He gently pushed on my chest so I rolled onto myback. I was going to suggest that he use his sperm as a lube but he beat meto it, swiping his fingertips through the cooling puddle of goo and goingstraight for my cock head. Tobbi was close enough to me that I reached outand put my hand on one butt cheek to squeeze Preteen Nude and fondle and trail myfingers in his crack."You like my butt don't you Toby," he asked and kissed me on the lips. Isaid that I did. "I bet you want to put this," he squeezed my dick foremphasis, "in my butt." I said that I did then added,"But I want to put my face in there first.""Oohhh, that sounds like fun," he said with a leer then wiped up the restof his sperm from his chest and went back to work. It didn't take longbefore I told him to move off the head, which he did. Less than 10 secondslater I spermed, my body lobbing large globs of cum onto my lower belly. Weended up in the shower about 8 minutes later and of course I bathed the boyjust as I had during our first shower the night before. We ended up back onmy bed where I made good on my previous wish, burying my face in Tobbi'sincredible ass. I reveled in the texture and taste of his most secret spotbut before that happened I noticed a very small light brown freckle rightat the edge of the muscle. It was identical to one that Toby had and was inthe same spot. I would tell Tobbi about it after our second cum not wantingto disturb the flow that we'd had in that moment.I didn't fuck the boy that night but I did use my finger on him, exploringhis prostate while he lay on his back with his feet planted against mychest.Tobbi SpeaksHaving physical contact of any kind with Toby made me shiver and tingle asthough I was touching a low voltage battery with my tongue or something. Itwas like finding a piece in a jig saw puzzle; the satisfaction of findingit then having Preteen Nude it fit together and knowing that it was the only piece thatcould do so. I honestly knew that Toby was the person for me and while Ididn't really know I was pretty fucking sure that it was a lifetimematch. That was comforting to me but scary at the same time.During lunch I almost suggested that we go into the restrooms and into aback stall so I could kiss him. I even thought about sneaking back to thebooth and climbing into our truck that sat hidden behind it and maybe evensuck his cock. Of course we didn't do either of those things, it was reallydangerous, but I sure as hell thought about em.Seeing Toby back in his apartment caused all those intense feelings to wellup again. Just waiting for him to open his screen door made me so hard thatmy dick hurt and when I finally got his cock in my mouth my body seemed toexperience a certain sense of relief although not completely. It would takeme to cum before I got some full relief.We showered after we had both cum and that time was even better than thenight before when we'd showered. There wasn't as much of a sense of havingto rush. Toby gently washed every part of me and almost every part of metingle when he touched me although a few spot were more sensitive thanmost. His soapy hand on my balls was pretty intense and when he ran hisfingers back and forth over my butt hole it was almost exquisite. I knewfrom the first that I wanted him to fuck me, needed to have Preteen Nude him love me inthat way, moving his firm hard cock in and out of my body. Part of thosefeeling came from the dreams that I'd had about him fucking me. In thedreams the feelings had been incredible and so real that I'd cum in mysleep 3 or 4 times in that year that I'd been having them."Oohhh God that feels so, so good Toby," I moaned as he washed my hole,felt my balls when reaching through my legs from behind. I washed Toby inthe same way, slowly, and not missing a single solitary spot. It was weirdfeeling on someone else's butt hole but it was hot too. When I was done Iwent into Toby's arms and kissed him deeply. Our bodies were pressedagainst each other, our rock hard cocks standing side by side caughtbetween our bodies. I moved my hips a little bit, something that seemed tohapped automatically these days, and I felt our dicks get mashedtogether. Toby's hands on my ass, squeezing and pulling, certainly helpedcreate or encourage such movements."This would be an interesting way to cum," said after breaking the kiss."It is. I'll show you sometime," he said to me. I asked him why not rightthen and he said, "I have another plan." I wiggled my body against his,hoping that the movement conveyed my enthusiasm and interest in tryingsomething new.We got out of the shower and dried off, each doing the other's Preteen Nude back, thenwent back to his bed. Hugging and kissing and rubbing is where we beganthen Toby worked his way down my body, kissing and licking as he went. Hesucked on my nipple for a minute which caused my first moan. I never knewthose little things were so sensitive. By the time Toby got to my dick Iwas pretty much hot and bothered. He turned his head around and beganlicking at the head of my cock, cleaning off the leaking precum. He wasn'ttouching my dick at all so when he licked at it the thing sort of movedaround. After a half dozen swipes of his tongue he captured it in his mouthand began sucking. Then his cupped my nuts causing a wave of pleasure andwarmth to shoot up through my body.I loved having my cock sucked, especially when my balls were being playedwith at the same time. I heard myself moan loudly at the feelings. I didn'tknow exactly what Toby had in Preteen Nude mind but I knew that I wanted something to dowith my hands. I knew that I wanted Toby's cock in my mouth. I couldn'tseem to get enough Preteen Nude of him or his cock. It seemed like I'd waited a lifetimeto be with him even though it had only been a year."Turn around so I can suck your cock too Toby, please." As Toby started toturn I moved farther down the bed to give him room so his feet weren'tpushed against the wall. As his dick got closer I reached out and took holdof him, reveling in the feeling and the warmth of his hardness. The reliefor satisfaction of taking him in my hand was incredible, something I had noexplanation for. I took to his cock like a baby to a tit and began nursinggreedily, my thumb and 2 fingers while the rest of my finger gently pokedand prodded at his soft sac of balls. At the other Toby was doing prettymuch the same thing. We had both placed the foot of our top leg flat on thebed in order to give the other complete access to that which we wanted.The biggest different I think was that Toby was holding my cock with thearm that was underneath him because his other hand was busy playing with myass, kneading the fatty orb and his fingers playing in my crack. Iremembered what he'd said about wanting to do something new and I wonderedif it had anything to do with my hole while hoping that it did. Toby hadhelped me realized the intense pleasure that my secret little spot had tooffer and I really wanted to explore that further."Roll above me Tobbi," my lover commanded so I did as he asked, keeping mymouth wrapped around his cock while I moved. I felt Toby's tongue on myballs, licking the underside of the sac. It felt great. He moved up alongthe little seam of flesh that's there and I lowered my waist a little bit,hoping that he wanted to lick my hole. Toby had already peeled my buttcheeks open so it only took him a second to lick his way up and begin tolick and slurp over the entire hole and all around it. I had to stopsucking his cock in order to gasp and breathe because it felt soincredible. When I went back to Toby's cock I did it with a vengeance andactually took almost all of it into my mouth and throat. As I sucked hiscock he continued to lick at my butthole and the underside of my balls andI felt myself get hotter with each swipe of his tongue. The feelings wereso incredibly powerful and I felt my body shiver from them."Roll back off me baby boy," Toby finally said and when I did he sat up andreached for the drawer on his night stand and pulled out a bottle and smallhand towel. "Pull your legs back," he commanded as he poured some of it onehand then drug the middle finger of his other hand through it. I figuredthe stuff in the bottle was lube so it didn't take but a spit second tofigure out what he was going to do; and he did.The lubed hand wrapped around my cock then the tightened fist slid up overthe swollen head at the same time his finger slipped inside my butthole. Toby went slow, taking his time as he jacked my cock, moving hisfinger in and out of me slowly too. His finger slid back and forth acrossthat little spot in my butt that I had found a couple of time when I wasall hot and horny and discovering how good it felt to put something inthere."Oh my god Toby that feels incredible," I panted and I wasn't lying. It hadfelt good when I found it but 10 times better when someone else was doingit. I felt my hole stretch out further and knew that he was putting anotherfinger in there. As the intense feelings shot through my body, causing meto shiver and moan, I wondered what it would be like to have his cock inthere, to have Toby fuck me. I had dreamed about it and in my dream it hadbeen fantastic although it had been somewhat painful when he first put itin me. As I lay there with Toby working me over I remembered back to thedream and how the pain had gone away pretty fast and things began to feelgood, then incredible. I wondered for a second if right then was the timeand then my body responded to the double action and I cried out again, thefeelings so overwhelming to me that I thought I might faint. My eyes hadbeen almost open when it happened and I swear to god that I saw lights orstars. Without really realizing I was doing it, I said,"Oh fuck Toby, put your cock in there quick; put your cock in me." Tobydidn't stop moving but kept doing what he was doing."Are you sure baby boy?" It was then that I fully realized Preteen Nude that I'd said itand in that exact moment, in the tiny little flash, I knew that it was thedream and I knew that it was Preteen Nude right time. I nodded my head."Yeah, I'm sure. Just hurry up and get your big cock inside of me. I needyou to fuck me, I know it." I discovered that Preteen Nude when I said I knew it thatToby wouldn't refuse me. After all the business with the young Toby, theboy that might be me, and all the mysterious and seemingly crazy impossiblestuff that happened, that was happening, Toby the man trusted mecompletely.I felt his hand leave my cock and opened my eyes, sorta, and watched as hewrapped his hand around his own rock hard cock and smeared it with thelube. I guess there wasn't enough because he grabbed the bottle andsquirted some more along his dick then smeared it all around it. His otherhand had continued to move inside of me, continued to slide in and out andcontinued to rub on that spot. He reached for the hand towel and managed toget his hand cleaned off then moved in closer to me. He told me to hold mylegs back, which I did then said,"Ooouuwww," I groaned and he stopped moving. It hurt like a son of abitch. Toby's other hand went back to my cock and began jacking it again,staying mostly on the head."No! Don't stop please. Put it all the way in." I couldn't explain it but Ineeded Toby to fuck me right now, not a minute later or even a half minutelater. I needed him all the way inside of me at that instant. He did as Iasked and slowly pushed his cock in until I felt his hairs poking mybutt. Toby didn't really stop either. He started pulling back out, wentabout half way, and pushing back inside of me. This was it; I was finallygetting fucked. I'd dreamed about it and I'd creamed about and now it washappening and it was everything that I'd hoped for.Toby still had a hold of my dick and started to jack Preteen Nude me off as he slid hiscock in and out of me. I watched his hand for a minute then let Preteen Nude my eyesroam up his body to his face. He was so fucking cute, or handsome, orwhatever. I felt my body trill when I looked him in the eyes, eyes thattold me that I was the most important thing in the world Preteen Nude to him at thatmoment but I knew that it wasn't limited to just that moment. For a briefinstant I saw us together, just like we were, but 20 years from then. Arush of Preteen Nude intense feelings shot through my body and brought me back to thepresent."Oh gosh fuck me, fuck Preteen Nude me hard, oh man" I cried out. I had no idea wherethat came from it just seemed to appear in my head and flowed out mymouth. Toby did as asked and began pulling out farther then pushing hiscock back inside of me actually causing my body to move on the bed. Thefeelings were incredible. I reached down between my legs, my wrist grazingmy balls, and let my fingers feel his cock as it slid in and out of me andI explored around the edge of my hole too. Preteen Nude It felt weird but great too.I felt my belly start to tingle then my balls started to tingle too. Iwanted to cum. I wanted to squirt my sperm out while Toby fucked me. Iwondered for a second if I'd feel his sperm shooting into my butt then hadan overwhelming urge to have his sperm inside of me. If it had beenpossible I was sure I'd have wanted his baby."Fuck me harder Toby, fuck me harder," I said, once again amazed at what Iwas saying. It was almost like it wasn't even me but someone else in mybody. Toby did his best. He let go of my cock, pushed my legs further backand began hammering his thick cock into me. I could feel and hear his ballswhacking against my butt and I felt that last little part Preteen Nude of me begin togive away."I'mgonnacumohman I'mgonnacum." My body let loose and my dick startedspitting out sperm. I heard myself crying out, but again, it seemed likesomeone else. I must have managed 4 squirts when Toby muttered somethingabove me then felt his cum squirt into my bowels and then my world sort ofwent black for a moment, or something like that. In my Preteen Nude head I heardsomething that sounded like "thank you so much" and a feeling that Toby'sfucking me was everything that I'd ever dreamed it would be. The next thingI remembered was Toby's face coming closer to mine and then he kissed myneck."How are you doing Tobbi," he asked me. I reached up and put my hands onhis shoulders and emitted a "yummy" sound."Really good." He moved his butt a little bit which of course moved hiscock inside of me."Me too." He kissed me again then moved back onto his knees and took myhands. "Hold on," he said and when I furrowed my eyebrows in question hetold me to trust him. A moment later he was pulling me up and I figured outwhat he was doing so helped out a yet another moment later I was in hislap. Once I was seated I wrapped my arms around his neck, his went aroundmy waist."Oh my God that feels pretty exciting," I said and wiggled my butt alittle. We kissed a little bit then said he wanted to tell me some thingsbut didn't want me to freak out, which of course made me want to freak out."What?" I asked him."You know, this was so much like my first time with Toby, the first time Ifucked him I mean. It's hard to explain but when you said you were going tocum you said it in the exact same way that he did." That was weird I had toadmit and I told him how surprised I was that I said it and I was surprisedwhile I was saying it but didn't seem able to stop myself. I went on totell him that it had also shocked me when I told him to just put his cockin me."I have no idea where that came from Toby," I said to him. I kissed himquickly then added, "Not that I care very much.""That's another thing. That's exactly what Toby said to me and exactly howhe said it." Then I told him the thoughts that had entered my head sayingthank you. We Preteen Nude were both quiet a moment then Toby said."You know, the more we go on the more I think that somehow you are areincarnation of Toby; or even the same boy somehow. I know we've onlyknown each other for a week or so but I love you so much," he saidsoftly. I felt my heart swell because I felt the same way. It was like I'dknown him for years and I guess in some way I had.As I stood there among the racks in the second hand mall waiting for Preteen Nude Tobyto come back down stairs or call me up there, I remembered wondering howthis was all going to work out. Then Toby came out of the shop and lookeddown in the direction where he'd last seen me, waved when our eyes met, andhurried down the stairs. I didn't know what exactly I was suppose to do sostood and waited for him to come to me."You're not going to believe this," he said as he approached me. "Then onthe other hand maybe you will." He saw the question in my eyes. "She's nothere any more. She moved back to Maui. She up and sold the business andmoved.""When, I asked him, already knowing what the answer was going to be."A month ago," Toby told me, "the day we first met at the swap meet."
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